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Diversified Entrepreneurship


AeroMarine Innovations Inc. |

Jessco is a founding partner of AeroMarine and holds a key management position in commercializing AeroMarine’s SteadyHull™ technology development project.


Complete Expeditions Inc. |

A wholly owned subsidiary of Jessco, ComEx was founded to provide project management and operations support for a select group of clientele and their super yachts. ComEx specializes in planning and leading voyages from Nuuk to Nome through the Northwest Passage, the Canadian Arctic,  Alaska and Greenland.


Uplink Aviation Inc. |

A wholly owned subsidiary of Jessco, Uplink was founded to provide its 35 years of expertise in commercial aviation to the emerging use of drones in commercial operations in Canada. Uplink personnel have been working in the UAS industry for over 5 years.


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